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The Art Of A Great Workout:
​Low Impact, Quick and Efficient
Specializing in 30 - 45 minute Group Workouts Utilizing:
(light weights also utilized in circuit classes)​

Other Specialty Classes:
Abs & Cardio

Entourage Fitness ® 16140 N Arrowhead Fountain Center Dr Suite 103, Peoria, AZ 85382                                       Phone: (623) 237-2848

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Interested in learning more about our services?
Need one on one training to get to your goals? Try our 30,60,90 or 120 day body overhaul challenge to jump start your healthy lifestyle. 

$40 per 30 minute personal training session.

Call for a consultation! 623-237-2848
Want the personal training feel in a group setting? This is for you! These 30 minute classes are a focused group workout that is customized for the goals of the individuals in the small group session.

Training for something particular? Tough Mudder, Marathon, Injury Rehab, Getting back into shape to get back on a workout routine? These are tailored for your goals in a small group setting. Prepay 1 month of sessions, select time and day and commit to those workouts and we will get you to your goals.
$15 per session - prepay for a month of classes.

Call to find out what small group sessions days and times we have currently and what times are available. 623-237-2848
These are our large group TRX, Bosu and Circuit classes that are layered by our trainers to maximize a 45 minute session to get a killer workout. Full body TRX, Upper Body TRX, Lower Body TRX, Abs and Cardio, Bosu and 45 minute Circuit classes are available. $15 per session - ($10 if you buy a 4 pack)

Call the front desk to book a class! 623-237-2848